Is It Possible . . .

To have actually cooked 2 husband approved dinners in a row??  WOW!  They weren’t even on the menu, but were just last minute ideas!  The children didn’t really like the last night’s so much (though Grace and I did eat it for breakfast today, so she liked it).  Everyone ate tonight’s dinner because their choice was eat it tonight while it was hot or eat it tomorrow morning with milk.  Everyone chose tonight, of course. 🙂

Last night we had BACON CHEESE FRITTATA.  So easy and so good and also used 6 eggs! 🙂  My husband said he likes it better than omelette’s!

Tonight I made LUMPIA.  It was very easy and tasted SO good.  I was glad I had wonton wrappers in my freezer!  My husband raved over these (though said it was just a tad salty – which is weird for him, lol).  So I would not as much salt as I did this time.  I guess the canned Chop Suey was also salted.

*on a side note, if you buy La Choy’s (or whatever) big can (28oz), you won’t need to buy the bean sprouts or water chestnuts.  Just an FYI. 🙂  I also replaced the ground beef with ground venison and it was super delicious! 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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