Saturday Happenings

It’s Saturday and there are currently no children in the house.  They went to a sleep over at a friend of ours (and theirs)!  It’s not very often that we have all 3 kids out of the house for the night, but it’s very nice to have a break!  They also needed a change of scenery and some activity!  Thank you, friends!!

Last night we dropped them off and then went out on a date!  We haven’t had a date since our anniversary dinner, so it was nice to get out alone!  Yum – Red Lobster!  We had the 3 course dinner for 2 and LOVED it.  Then again, I love almost anything when I don’t have to cook it. 🙂  Love their Cheddar Bay biscuits and Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms!  Eric and I both ordered the Garlic Shrimp & Scallop Pasta dinners.  I used to not be a fan of scallops, but they were cooked deliciously last night.  

We came home and lounged on the couch watching our Friday evening shows – Flying Wild Alaska and Gold Rush on Discovery.  I fell asleep partway through Gold Rush and Eric had already fallen sleep about halfway through Flying Wild Alaska.  The poor fella was up before well before 5 yesterday morning to put in a long day of work (5am – 5pm).  He had to make up a few hours since he had truck issues to take care of Tuesday.  

In a few minutes, I’ll be heading out to the chicken coop to take care of the birds and collect eggs, then when Eric’s done plowing the driveway he and I are going to spread sand or used pine shavings on the driveway.  Our driveway is rather treacherous right now with the warmer temperatures and freezing under the snow.  We gotta clean it up so we can go get the kids here in a while.

I am praying for an early spring.  This has been such an awful long winter.  I love to take pictures outside, but it looks the same every day.  Snow, ice, snow, ice.  You can only take so many pictures of the same scene every day when it’s white.  I love the changes of the seasons.

Well, I’m off to do some chores!  Have a great weekend!


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