Weekly Wrap-Up

Another busy and full week here!  Week 21, done!

Math:  Nathan finished lesson 25 and started lesson 26.  He is still really struggling with borrow and subtract and it seems that struggle has passed on to Ryan.  I’ve explained it and worked with them all week long, but they just can’t seem to get it.  I don’t know what to do really.  We go over and over how to figure out what needs borrowed – they hate it and it’s frustrating on my end.  UGH!  Any advice or ideas are welcome!  Ryan finished lesson 23 on Wednesday and started lesson 24.  Grace is really flying in her book.  She finished 25 and is almost done with 26.  She loves math and does so well with it!

Spelling:  Ryan and Grace are working their way from lesson A.  They’ve had spelling reviews and reading reviews all week.  Ryan is slowing . . .oh so slowly . . . starting to get some understanding with the rules.  It’s a very hard struggle with him, but I’m glad he’s starting to sound things out more.  Grace read her lists and spelled them on paper up to lesson E.  She likes to do that!  Nathan enjoys spelling.  He missed 2 words during dictation on Monday.  He did well with his words this week.  He loves to practice his missed words outloud and he gets the hang of them rather quickly that way.  He may struggle with Math, but he loves to spell!  🙂

Grammar:  Monday we introduced the Sentence Scramble game and read a couple of Parts of Speech poems.  They all enjoyed the poems (even Grace)!  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the boys have been working on Capitalization rules in the back of the Easy Grammar books.  Today I had to boys make 2 sentences of their own.  I told them, the more color the better, as long as it makes sense!

Explode the Code 1  and 1 1/2:  Grace enjoys these subjects, mostly.  She isn’t as thrilled with 1 1/2 as she is with 1.  1 1/2 pushes her a bit more and she does fine, but just spazzes out a little about it.  First thing in the morning doesn’t work well with her and reading/spelling.  Anyway, she finished lessons 3-4 in 1 1/2 and started lesson 7 in book 1 today.

Science:  This week’s science was from the Solar System Cards.  We read about Venus, Earth and the Earth’s Moon.  Our big project at the end of our Solar System Study will be drawing the Solar System!  I think it’ll be a fun time for the kids and I!.

God’s World News:  We finished up the last few pages we had in their magazines and will start new ones on Monday.

Music:  We did 2 pages in our music book – pgs 22-23 and I picked up a music book from the library called Introducing Bach by Roland Vernon.  We’re going to read through that book and learn about Bach and I’m going to find his music for the kids to listen to from time to time.  Should be fun!! 🙂

From Edhelper.com:  I printed a couple reading comprehension stories and worksheets for the boys this week.  Nathan did Happy Haggis Day and Ryan  read The Kazoo Band Concert.

Captain Jax Math Facts  they work on the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division drills.  Grace doesn’t have to do multiplication and division, but she started doing division by herself. lol

Bible:  We worked on Romans 5:12 this week, still don’t quite have it, but will continue working on it and next week’s verse, too.  We also listened to Keys for Kids online and read a couple stories from Lessons from Nature for Youth.  Yesterday and today we read a couple books by Max Lucado that I picked up at the library on Tuesday.  If I Only Had A Green Nose was such a good story – a good reminder to be how God made us to be, even if we aren’t like everyone else.  God made us unique for a reason – it’s a great minder for an adult, such as myself. 🙂  The one that put tears in my eyes today was The Oak Inside the Acorn.  That is such a wonderful story and it made me think about my children growing up to be the people God made them to be.  If you’ve never read this, I highly recommend it!  

I’m looking forward to next week.  Tuesday we have a field trip day to Jennings for a snow shoe walk!  It’s been a while since we’ve had a field trip, so we’ll have fun with that (even if it is out in the cold!)!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. Busy girl!

    On the math issue with borrowing: do you have any math manipulatives you can use? If not, find some beans or noodles or something and try this:

    Using a large sheet of paper or a white board or something like that, write a math problem in large numbers vertically. Either above each number or on a different section altogether, draw out coordinating squares for each number and fill with the same # of manipulatives. If the problem were 24 minus 17, your boys would see that they can NOT take 7 beans away from 4 beans and would need to borrow from the twenty beans beside it. If you have math manipulatives, there are sets for each number and it is easy to see that you cannot break up a block of 10 so they have to bring the entire ten block over to the 7 blocks.

    I have also used popsicle sticks for my youngest and made groups of ten that we Scotch taped together. That would work better than beans, actually. Then they would see that you can't break the sticks apart. You have to take the entire ten over to the seven and THEN subtract.

  2. We've been doing a lot of solar system stuff over here, too. We made a solar system out of cookies the other week–as you can imagine, it was a BIG hit!

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