Show Off Your Homeschool

My bloggy friend, Meilssa @ The Joys of Home Educating is hosting a blog hop where we get to show off our homeschool “school rooms.”   Ours isn’t pretty, but it gets the job done!

 One school wall in the kitchen.
The bookcase that holds all the kids stuff.
The little stand  holds my printer and more school supplies
and there are the 2 white plastic drawers that hold other misc
school books/supplies.  Our Map of the United States
and our whiteboard and a calender finish that wall.  
 The table where all the learning gets done.
Or at least some learning gets done.
When it’s nice out, we sometimes have school at the picnic table 
on the back porch.
 I have a project table in the kitchen where the Snap Circuit set is
on right now and I have ebay stuff clogging the table. 
I’m not showing that stuff. 🙂
 Many of my books clog the book case, but the bottom
shelf is all books for the kids.
 Picture of the school side of the kitchen.
We have a computer where the kid do their
Captain Jax Math Facts each day – in the living room.
The wire mess is from our Xbox 360 (we have Kinect with it)
and Playstation 3 (the hubby’s).
We have a trampoline and bikes and love running around outside
in the spring, summer and fall!  We even go to bike trials and parks, on occasion.
 The kids play out in the snow sometimes, 
but they are like me and don’t like being cold very much. 🙂 We go 
on field trips with our local homeschool group, too.

5 thoughts on “Show Off Your Homeschool

  1. Thank you so much Emily for showing us where you “school”…you are a lot like us in where you use your dining area as your main school area. I hope someday to have a designated room to “school” in or at least keep all our supplies, books etc in…Thanks for linking up today! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Great use of your space!! I love how our children can learn to be productive in whatever room we need to use. We don't have a dedicated room either, so it takes some creative solutions to keep everything running smoothly!

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