Standardized Testing

THIS is such a great article on Standardized Testing and the homeschooler!   I know this because we’ve done several of those tests because of PA law.  I am not thrilled with them or the outcome.  Nor did I know the public schools study the tests before they take them!

My own son had his first Standardized Test last year and it wasn’t pretty, that’s for sure.  Even the school district wrote a note and said “Anything we can do to help?”  Um, no thank you!  My son is just not good at those kinds of tests and we don’t study them for a week or 2 ahead of time.  My fifth grader has to take one this year. *sigh*


2 thoughts on “Standardized Testing

  1. when I was researching schools to put my children in this last year – I looked online. Emily Brittain ranked lower than Center Twp. The kids scored higher on the “test”. But when reading parent reviews EB was much higher. CT parents complained of 2 MONTHS of focus only on the test where their kids were not learning other things. 2 hours of homework a lot of nights all on training for the test. No wonder their scores were so high but the parents were not enjoying it!

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