Weekend In Review {365-23&24}

 Crumbs from homemade graham cracker crust
that I used for an easy cheesecake recipe.  I don’t have the
knack for making graham cracker crust.  Must have needed more butter?
 I’m not a crazy sports fan, but yesterday we watched the 
Steelers vs. Jets game.  Way to go, Steelers!  It was a really good game to watch. 
I made 2 huge bowls of popcorn and we had some other snacks for the game.
We found this root-beer at Big Lots that was the best I’ve ever had!  
The only child remotely interested in the game was Grace.
She was cute asking what was going on sometimes. 🙂 
 These I fell in love with a few weeks ago at Sam’s Club.
These are slippers!  The insides are SOO warm and toasty and
soft on the feet!  I love the squishy feel of them!
They are Muk Luks.  I never heard of them.  In fact, the first
time I saw them at Sam’s I thought they were boots.
I tried one on and told Grace “These are such a flimsy boot!”
Duh, not a boot, a slipper!  The most wonderful slipper I’ve ever owned.
In other weekend news, on Saturday we ended up having 6 eggs!
That was a first for us and I’m so excited!  I relented and bought the birds
layer crumbles yesterday.  They absolutely won’t eat the pellets.
Such a bummer!  I thought the pellets were better because they wouldn’t
waste as much, but they do waste them!  Oh well! lol  As long
as they are eating something, I guess.
I don’t know what it is about Sunday mornings, but I woke
up with a terribly nauseating headache.  It wasn’t a normal migraine, 
but it was bad.  This happened to me last Sunday, too.  😦  I did stay in bed and
rest for a while yesterday.  That is always nice!  I’m thinking I might need to go to
the dentist.  I have this one tooth that seems to be hurting lately, so maybe
that is the cause?  He could tell me, I’m sure. 🙂  We shall see.  I am rambling here.
Friday evening my husband learned that there really was 
a Laura Ingalls Wilder.  He thought the tv show was just something
that was on to watch.  So I showed him a book we have, (loaned
by my wonderful niece, Kari) that Laura wrote and told him that
she was, in fact, a real person.  Of course, I also told him that the
tv show is not a whole lot like the books, just so he knew.
The kids are doing well.  Not going many places has been keeping us
relatively healthy this winter.  The boys love Friday nights because I allow
them to stay up late and play their Nintendo DSi’s late.  We have cabin fever and
really need ideas of things to do outside of the home that doesn’t cost too much money.
It’s always easy to spend money when you go out.  Spend money and eat ALL the time. 🙂
I gotta stop all the eating, I’m slowly putting on some weight again. 😦
My elliptical is still glaring at me.
Yesterday I didn’t even turn on my computer and wanted to share that 
tib bit of information.  I usually turn it on to check email or blog or facebook, but I 
didn’t turn it on because I figured I would get caught up online.  It always happens.
I might make that my new Sunday thing – not getting on the computer.

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