Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 20 finished up pretty uneventful.  It was a nice week, with only minor issues that are hopefully resolved!

The kids did a good amount of school work this week and did a pretty good job of it!

Math U See:  Nathan has been having trouble with borrow and subtract (mainly paying attention to the numbers), so we took the time this week to do extra practice work and he started lesson 25 and finished up to lesson C, plus the 3 or 4 other subtraction pages I made him.  🙂  Ryan  finished up 22, did a Unit 3 test  (with a 90%) and completed 3 lessons in 23.  Grace completed lesson 24, got a 98% on her unit test 3 and completed up to lesson 25 D.  She really likes math and is just flying!

Grammar:  The boys were working on Capitalization rules and verb unit testing this week.  We didn’t start our Sentence Scramble game YET, but we’re going to do that on Monday.

Spelling:  Ryan and Grace have been reading/reviewing all previous lessons from A to H-1/H-2.  We’re still struggling along with Ryan, but will continue to do so until it clicks!  He is improving, but still has work to do!  Grace can spell words and has been practicing reading her words.  I also have her doing Explode the Code 1 1/2 for practice.  It’s a little frustrating for her, but I think she needs a little push.  If she gets too overwhelmed we call it a day in that subject.  Nathan took P-4 test and got a 100% on it.  He was so proud and that is great because he had missed 5 words on his list and that made him get really sad and teary.  He does excellent with his spelling!

Science:  We started going through the Solar System cards that my friend sent us.  While I read about whatever planet we’re doing that day, the kids use the fun pads and solve puzzles or color in them.  They seem to really be enjoying it!  Grace has been learning more about chickens this week, too.  We’ve been watching the hens lay eggs and she gathers them.  We also laugh at the one hen that wants to hatch a plastic egg.  The boys don’t go to the coop too much, but once it warms up a bit.

Social Studies:  God’s World News still.  We are dragging it out, but should finish the magazine this coming week – just in time for the new magazine to come in!

Music:  we did 2 pages.  They are learning the notes Do Re Me Fa So La and the shapes of them.  They don’t like to sing them, but we try sometimes.  Grace sings along with me.

We did art on Tuesday and the kids like to draw whenever, so that is good!  I’ve never been much of an artist, but I like to watch the kids draw.

Bible:  Each day we listen to Keys for Kids at CBH ministries and go over our Bible verse for the week (this week was Romans 3:10).  Tuesday and Thursday we read Lessons from Nature for Youth (one or two lessons from there).

We’re going on a field trip February 1st – snowshoeing!  Should be fun if it isn’t  single digit temperatures out! 🙂


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