In Memory of Grandma Miller

On this day, 23 years ago, we lost our grandmother, mother, wife.  Time has flown by so quickly since then!  When I was young, I used to ask God to give my grandma messages from me.  I’d ask God to tell her all kinds of things at different stages in my life.  I don’t know if He did this, but it was comforting to think He did! 🙂

Things I remember about Grandma (I was 12 when she lost her battle with breast cancer):
1. She had THE most ticklish feet in the world -I’m almost sure of that.
2. She loved Romano cheese.  I was thinking of this one day as I used some in a recipe.  It truly does smell like stinky feet, but she loved it.
3.  Not sure of the spelling, but “hoot-n-annies” or root beer floats.  Or am I confused? lol
4.  Her love of Cabbage Patch Dolls and making clothes for them.
5.  She and Pap loved to travel and did as much as they could until she because sick.  I remember one time we went up to Lake Erie in their motor home!  It was so fun to ride up in the sleeping compartment! 🙂
6.  Playing bingo up at the camp.
7.  Swimming with Grandma at camp.
8.  One time I spent the night up at camp and I’ll never forget the first time I heard my Grandma “toot”. LOL  I couldn’t believe that she did such a thing!  And in her sleep! 🙂
9.  She called Pap “Mill” a lot.
10. She loved each and every one of her children and grandchildren so very much.

I’ll stop at 10.  My memory is a little sketchy at times, but I remember the good times we had together! 🙂   I often wonder if she’d be proud of the way her family has turned out.  We’ve all changed so much.  We grandchildren have grown up and have families of our own now, her children raised their children and have done a pretty good job.

I’m thankful for the time God gave her to us, and for the blessing she was to us, and for the memories we have of her!

My daughter is named for Grandma – can I say I was glad that no one else used her name? 🙂  Grandma’s initials were G.E.M.  Of course, we don’t have M as our last initial, but Grace is G.E.  🙂

*I lifted the picture of my Grandma from my Aunt Cindy’s facebook page with permission.


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