Monday Morning Pick-Me-Ups (365-17)

Mondays are hard for me, especially after a great weekend.
I have a hard time getting motivated. 
Coffee and the Word of God are great helps for me.
**There’s a lot of “noise” in my pictures today.  Sort of dark in my bedroom and my ISO is up on the camera
equaling fuzzy pictures.   

6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Pick-Me-Ups (365-17)

  1. Love the new design of your blog Emily! Really nice. And you sure make that hot cuppa coffee look appealing! Mmmm…

    I love photograpy too so I always enjoy your pics. I espcially love the pic of John 15. What a cool angle! The Word and coffee; you can't go wrong there girl! Hope you and your family have a great week! God bless 🙂

  2. Michelle, thanks for stopping by and for your comments! 🙂 You have a great week, too! The coffee is a mix between coffee and a pkt of hot chocolate and a little extra creamer. So good! 🙂

    Thanks Tracy and Tamara!

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