Snow Day – sort of . . .

All the local schools were closed for the day.  We’ve had lots of snow since yesterday afternoon.  It’s currently snowing decently at our house.  I don’t know how many inches we have here, but I may measure them on my way to the chicken coop.  Or maybe I’ll make the kids go measure it.  And make the kids shovel the sidewalk or something outside for a bit.

We did our main subjects this morning – Math, Spelling and Grammar.  Nathan and Grace have been playing with the Snap Circuits and LOVE them.  I’m not going to stop the creativity! 🙂  I just have to keep them from fighting over it.

We didn’t read God’s World News together today, but I’m thinking about making them read it during their reading time (they HAVE to read 20 minutes a day or read a short storybook in that time frame).

They also have to do their Math review program that’s on our computer.

We also had devotions this morning – before school work started.  Then I made french toast while the kids started their work for the day.

It’s now 11am and everyone is mostly done.  I think we’ll do some flash cards for Spelling and try to find a good movie to watch with the kids.  Am I the only one that has a hard time sitting still?  I always think of 5,000 things I could or should be doing.

Happy Wednesday! 🙂


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