Weekend In Review

What a busy weekend!  There are days where I LOVE to be busy and other days, not so much.  This was a tough weekend because I was feeling rather miserable through most of it.  Headaches, exhaustion and other things I won’t speak of that are just a part of life.

Friday night after school we didn’t do anything really.  After cleaning up dinner, I sat and crocheted for quite a while.  I started my own piece to work on.  There are a few places where I am a stitch short or a stitch long (near the beginning – I thought it counted out right, lol).  Below is my work . . . I haven’t touched it since Friday.

On Saturday I did get containers out of the basement to put away Christmas stuff.  Meant to put away Christmas stuff for a while now, but just didn’t feel like doing it.  I also was tired of looking at it.  I started with the kitchen.  Removed hanging items and stacked everything in one place until yesterday. 
Around noon on Saturday we decided to go to the Gun Show that was a Days Inn.  It wasn’t really that impressive, to me anyway.  There are some really nice people there though.  This one couple has 3 dogs and they are CUTE!  2 pugs and a Doberman Pincher.   This lady also made all kind of neat jewelry and blankets.  Grace LOVED the pink horse blanket.  I should have got for her as an early birthday present.  
We left the gun show and ate at Pizza Hut.  Eric LOVES the stuffed crust pizza and we always think about our honeymoon when we eat it.  We bought one on our honeymoon and hauled it around in the vehicle that weekend, eating it whenever we were hungry. lol  Anyway . . .  from there we hit the stores!  Sam’s Club, Walmart, Game Stop, Target, K-Mart, Clearview Mall.  We were on a quest to find another PS3 Motion Controller for Eric.  There was only one in Butler, we found it at Game Stop at the mall.  We did buy other things along the way.  I got some badly needed socks and lounge pants.  🙂  It was an exhausting day, but it was better than sitting at home putting away Christmas decorations!  
Yesterday morning we went to church.  Great message on Walking with God.  Pastor is going through the Bible showing those that walked with God (not all of them – there are SO many).  It was a good message yesterday and I look forward to hearing more!  Like many other things, it’s a great way to start looking internally – checking out how my walk with God is.  My walk with God desperately needs work and the only way to do it is to do it!  Because  this weekend was so busy, I had to play “catch up” this morning with my Bible readings.  I’m reading though the Bible this year, as I think I mentioned in an earlier post.  
After church we came home and I had about 500 things to do.  Ugh, what an afternoon/evening!  I cut up our ribs and set them to simmer, then went to take care of the chickens.  They needed cleaned out and fed and watered.  I am relenting and buying the hens layer crumbles.  They just don’t like the pellets no matter how much I try to make them eat them! lol  They go and eat the younger chicks food if I leave the cage open.  So I have been mixing their food and just scattering the other food around.  They pick out the pellets and dump them everywhere on the platform.  They love cracked corn!  I’ve added that to their daily food intake.   
After the chickens, I came back in, cleaned up and finished cooking dinner.  Then finished putting away ornaments that no one really knew where they went.  It took until 7 to get the living room and kitchen all cleaned up.  Then I had to sit and plan the school week.  Last night I finished planning at almost 10pm.  I hate planning the school week on Sunday night.  Usually that happens on Friday after school, but I felt so yuk, that I didn’t do it.  With school planning finished, I played the PS3 with my hubby.  We played some games that came with the Move.  They were quite fun!

So here we are, it’s Monday.  It’s a little slow moving so far, but I think we’ll do fine.  God is so very good and I am thankful for today!


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