Little of This . . .Little of That . . .

 Grace had a natural “bump it” the other day.  
I have no idea why I took a picture of this really.  
At the time I think I thought it was funny. 🙂
 Grace took a picture of herself after a bath.
That explains her wet and messy hair (which she hadn’t
combed at this point).
 She has been obsessed with stuffing all her stuffed
animals in her clothes.  Great cushioning for jumping and 
not getting hurt while falling to the floor.  
Silly girl. 🙂 
 Ryan wanted me to get a picture of his find.
 Look at the crust of sugar!
 Nice fruit loop like cereal that was oh so tasty.
My mother in law brought over this square of crochet.
Not all of it.  I think the first 3 rows were done.
She showed me the single, double and triple crochet, but
MADE me learn the double crochet last night. 🙂
Surprisingly it was way easier than I thought – easier than the single crochet!
I did 3 rows (which did take me a while)and enjoyed myself!  
Thanks, Faith! 🙂  

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