Gravitational Force/Air Resistance

 Oops, blurry.  
The idea was to get the pencil and feather to fall at the same time.
He dropped them without and air resistance first.
Of course, the feather fell slower.
Then he taped the  pencil to a sheet of paper (all his own idea).
 Um, yes another bad picture. 🙂  Amazingly the paper did the trick!
They landed at the same time (which I didn’t get a picture of here).
 Ryan was modifying his parachute here, but it didn’t work as well.
 Nathan was responsible for drawing the picture showing gravitational 
force and air resistance.  He did pretty good here.
Grace was having fun taping her pencil and facial tissue.
She just loves to tape things.  🙂
It was a fun project!  I enjoyed getting the kids ready for it
and reading about the project.  Today we may watch the men 
on the moon that dropped the hammer and feather at the same time
and discuss why they fell at the same time on the moon.
We also have the  journal questions to start answering today.
*On a side note, Grace, Ryan and I got to watch our hen, Eisenhower, lay an egg right in front of us on Monday.  It was pretty neat!  Nathan wasn’t out there, but I wish he was.  

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