Snap Circuits

 Eric got the kit out and had Nathan come and see what was up.
It was rather fun to watch the boys play! 🙂 
 They did several projects together.
 Nathan enjoyed it for a little while.
He doesn’t focus very well sometimes.
 But he did make it light up and he did make the fan above blow!
 Ryan got in on the action.
He had a great time, too!
 Grace likes playing with this stinky, sticky Flarp stuff.
Yuk, but if it makes her happy . . . 🙂    
 Ryan had all kinds of stuff going on here.
The radio is a favorite.  
They love going through the radio stations.
They are also quite amazed with radio reception and how that
wire helps to hear the radio stations.  To study:  Radio Waves
and how they work! 🙂  
That’ll make a good science lesson some time this week!

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