More Raindrop Pictures

 While this one turned out pretty good, I was having the hardest
time getting my Canon Powershot SD1200 to focus on the 
raindrops.  It would focus on the background and my macro
would blur.  I don’t know what was up with that, but I managed a 
few good close-ups.  
 One of the 3 trees I was using for pictures.
  I forgot about this picture, it would have been perfect for
Scripture and a Snapshot.  It’s probably my favorite! 🙂

 I was starting to get chilly when taking these pictures – shiver!
I was having a hard time adjusting my camera, too.
When I went in the house I realized that it was getting dark. lol
 Another groovy blurry one! 🙂
I enjoy this one so much – love the bokeh in the tree/sky
above the shot.

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