Chicken Story #1 of 2011 (one of many you’ll see this year)

This story starts last night around 6pm.  I went to the chicken coop to see what was up with my birds and see how they were doing.  I walked in there and WOW, it was so HOT inside their coop.  So hot that Eisenhower was actually panting and all of them had their wings out a little for some air flow.

We bought a dehumidifier and put it in their coop this past week (Tuesday I think).  We will have to work on ventilation come spring/summer.  It was a soggy, nasty mess out there.  The walls were wet  and the floor was hardly ever dry and the door and window always had condensation on them. Always.  Just a gross mess and I had to clean the floor up about every other day to get rid of the soggy pine shavings.  
Anyway, the dehumidifier has been SO wonderful!  It’s dried out the walls and the pine shavings aren’t such a mess every other day.  
So back to last night . . . I figured I’d give the chickens a break from the light and turned off the dehumidifier because it was so hot in their coop.  What I didn’t think about last night was the fact that the hens like to lay their eggs in the morning, some pretty early.  Well, I ran out to the coop around 7:30am  and whatdaythink happened???? 
Yep, 2 eggs smashed to the floor.  It had been too dark for the girls to get down and lay in their nest boxes (chickens can’t see well at all when it’s dark).  When I did get there, one hen was just finishing laying her egg in the nest (Crystal is who it was – good little girl).  I did manage to get another good egg later this afternoon (it was in the nest  box, too). 
Yes, I do learn something new about raising chickens – if not daily, weekly!  
Note to self:  When chickens are used to early morning light, make sure it comes on early morning! 🙂   

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