My New Year Resolutions/Goals

Last year I made ALL kinds of  goals.   I don’t think I accomplished very many of them.  

One I did accomplish was lose 10 pounds (my goal was 5 or 6lbs).  

I attempted to finish my Bible study on 1 Peter.  I am going to finish it this month.  I think there’s only a lesson or two left.

Make more quality time with my children.  I did this, but this ALWAYS needs improvement.

The wife my husband needs me to be.  I think this one was good, but is another one that ALWAYS needs improvement, as well.

Scrapbooking – zip, zilch, nada.  Didn’t do squat in any scrapbooks.  Isn’t that sad?  

James, still not memorized.  I should break up the book and work on memorizing a couple verse each week instead of trying to do so much at one time.  

So I was reading a few blogs this morning.  Traci Michelle has a great post HERE on New Years Resolutions.  I really, really appreciated this post.  Read it for yourself!  May it touch your heart has it has mine.  

While I’m keeping the above goals, my only added one is from another post I read this morning – HERE is the link to it. I’m going to read through my Bible this year.  It has been several years since I’ve done this and it’s time to do it again!  There is a post HERE with a pdf link (I printed the file) and will be checking it off each day I read through the Bible.  My desire is to know God better this year than I did last year.  

God bless those that read this post and my blog in general.  I pray you may all have a Wonderful New Year and seek to know Him better!  


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