Christmas at Our House Pt. #2

 Grace playing Kinetimals.
 My mother-in-law and her kwanza wrapping paper –
from my sister-in-law. 🙂
 The kids opening presents from Mimi.
 Hanging out watching funny old family videos!
 I HAD to snap a picture of the walmart parking lot on the way to
my parent’s house.  How often is it ever empty?? 🙂
 Nathan was full of funny faces yesterday, but I’ll spare everyone
ALL the pictures I took of him. 🙂
 My aunt giving me the “evil eye”
Not really, it just looks that way! LOL
 My sista and I.
 A rare photo of my mom with a real smile – she made a 
wonderful meal yesterday!!  Love you, mom!
 My dad and I.  🙂  He’s even smiling a little!
It was a wonderful Christmas day of family and food
and fun.  
The kids and I read a story about Jesus, not 
of his birth, but of his early life.  It was a good story
and we are thankful He came to earth, to die for our sins.

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