4 Hens a Laying . . .

 Yes, I realize there are only 2 eggs here.
 And kinda gross ones at that. 
BUT I had to post pictures because one hen laid 
a robin’s eggs sized egg and I thought it was interesting.
It has a funky texture on it’s tiny shell.
This morning the hubby and I went out to check the chickens
and there were 4 eggs today!! Woo Hoo! 
That means all my big girls are laying now and I am thrilled!
We’ve also introduced a few of the bigger little hens to 
the older ones.  It’s rough going for the younger ones right now.
They’re already a little on the flaky side and get scared over everything,
so being ushered out of their protective cage and into the
lion’s den, so to speak, is a lot for them to deal with.
The smaller ones don’t seem to realize there are more of them
than the bigger ones, but they run around scared all the time.
Chickens are strange birds, that’s for sure. 
We’re to warm up at the end of this week – even if it is going to be rainy.
I’m thinking I’ll let the birds out for a while.  They’ve been itching to get out.
I’m sure whoever is reading is thrilled with my chicken musings today.
Sorry for the ramble.  I really only meant to share my 
chicken egg excitement!!! 🙂
Happy Day after Christmas!

2 thoughts on “4 Hens a Laying . . .

  1. I love it! 🙂 How exciting you got 4 eggs!!! My husband and I were just talking about how fun it would be to move back to his family's farm and have chickens! …maybe one of these days we'll be able to swap chicken stories. 🙂 haha!

  2. Katie, chickens are fun and strange creatures! 🙂 Chicken stories are fun to write and I have lots of them! Do tell if you do move back to the family farm! I'll love reading your stories, too.

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