Sadness . . .

Well, last night Eric did the deed to those roosters.  I’m still debating on what to tell Grace.  My heart just aches for her and she has no idea.  The boys know what happened and I told them not to say anything to Grace, yet.  Her Cocoa was one of the 3 roosters that are currently in the freezer.  😥  He was such a nice rooster (when the hens weren’t around).

I’ve honestly only felt so awful maybe two or three times in my life and this is one of those times.  She wanted to get her picture with him yesterday, but I told her no at the time.  I didn’t figure Eric would come home and take care of business.  He felt really bad about them in the cage in the coop (I did too, but I also felt bad for the hens, so I didn’t let them out).  I feel so, so bad.  I’m not even sure how to break the news to her or what to say.

I’m opposed to lying to my children, but I am struggling with this one. Should I tell her what happened  or should I tell her something else?  (I am currently bawling my eyes out as I write this) I think I could tell her that because daddy and I felt so bad about the roosters in the cage that daddy took them to the farm where we got them (he was outside for quite a while).  Either way she’s going to be SO sad and I can hardly think of facing her today.  My heart just hurts for her. 

My boys are sad, but they weren’t as attached, so it wasn’t as hard for them to take.
My tears are not over the loss of the roosters, but the hurt of a little girl.  
Please pray for me and especially for Grace.  It’s going to be a sad day one way or another. 


One thought on “Sadness . . .

  1. Sorry Emmy (((hugs))) Ya know, it is a tough path to cross and many things to think about when deciding to lie to a child. One big thing is it might hurt her and you but if she finds out later what will she feel about the outcome of your lie. Especially when the whole family knows and one of the kids slips up at dinner and ask if we are eating cocoa. I will say some prayers for you two today. Remember that kids are more resiliant than we are with things like this. Love you bunches. Will be thinking of you.

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