Re-arranged Living-room

 Sorry for the blurry picture.  This is from the entryway
into my livingroom where the couch used to be.
 This is the other end of the livingroom.
Tv, book case and other things.
 This is where the bookcase stood, now it’s wall to wall
couch. 🙂  It’s a big couch!
 Here’s the little nook place where the tv and end table were.
Now it’s holding the bookcase and a couple tables. 
I’m not good at re-arranging furniture. 
Not good at all.
 Sitting on the couch looking to the other end of the room.
Our tree will be where that box is sitting.
Eric had a nightmare of wires to get connected again.
I’m glad he did it, because I have NO clue! 🙂
 Grace wanted me to take a picture of her on the couch.
The boys are hiding under the blankets.
They were the underpants twins.
The Christmas tree is still sitting on the floor, except for the bottom
part of the tree.  Our pre-lit tree seems to have an entire row of lights out
and we have no idea which light is out (or what the problem may be).
So, our living-room is waiting to be decorated for Christmas.
Part of it anyway.
It’ll probably take us the week to get this place all full of Christmas cheer,
but we’ll work on it from time to time!  Not much else to do while
snowed in for a bit! 

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