Christmas Food Traditions

Do you have foods around Christmas time that you don’t usually have any other time of year?  We do!  When Eric and I married, he shared family traditions that have become our own!  

We usually buy a bag of mixed whole nuts to crack and eat whenever.  We are changing this tradition this year.  There are usually SO many walnuts (not always our favorite nut), so this year we are getting pistachios!  LOVE those things!  

Eric’s mom makes cheeseballs.  I’ve been trying different cheeseball recipes through the years.  Some are hits and some are misses!  Today I’m going to make a cheeseball with some hotsticks mixed in and it’s going to be rolled in almond slivers.  Should be interesting.  I’m not sure what else I’m adding.  Time will tell!

Each year we stuff a box of chocolates under the couch and eat them whenever.  Even the kids do.  We get this one box of chocolates from Walmart every year.  It has some ok chocolates.  We always race to eat our favorites.  The kids like this too.  Funny how we all hate the same ones! 🙂

Each year Eric and I make caramel/nut filled turtles.  It’s something we do every year and it’s fun to work with my man on this project!  I might have posted something on those last year.  

Other things we have around are candy canes -always hanging on the tree  to eat whenever, hot chocolate, fruits and other tasty treats.  I really need to go shopping soon so we can have all these things in to snack on!  I made my list over the weekend and look forward to filling our house with tasty treats!  


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