Chicken News

Nesting boxes.

Yay, a place for my girls to lay their eggs.
Hopefully they get the idea soon!

We put them inside to check it out.

I’m thinking the lip on the nest might need to be a little higher.
Just to keep the eggs in the box.
My hen Brownie (Grace named her Crystal but
she has pretty brown around her face) got a toenail
ripped off this evening.
Dumb bird got on the top of the door and Eric
didn’t know it and closed the door and her toe got stuck and
off the nail came. 😦 We definitely need to turn the roost.
Brownie is now in the basement for her turn in the cage.
2 hens with toenail issues now. What is up with that???
Chicken farming has been an adventure, that’s for sure!
Anyone need any roosters? I have 3 I want to get rid of.

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