Evening Without Eric

My husband left yesterday for a work trip.
He doesn’t have them too often, so it was just
the kids and I!
I was SO excited to get my bath and sit on the couch
and stuff my face with cookies and watch Christmas
shows with the kids all evening.
Just as I was about to pull out the hair dryer
the lights went out. This was after 7 pm.
The above picture was a candle burning in my kitchen.

The kids all piled on the couch playing their nintendo dsi’s
until their batteries went dead.

A picture of our wonderful oil lamp!
I love this thing!
I also need to get more fuel for it.

A close up picture of the flame.
I love how it looks!
Sooo, the lights came on briefly around 8:45,
but went back out again.
We pulled out the library books that hadn’t been read, yet,
and I sat in front of the oil lamp and read several stories.
The lights came back on just before 10pm.
I was getting cold. 🙂
It was a nice quiet time with my children!
Not what I originally had planned, but it’ll
be a night we’ll all remember!

2 thoughts on “Evening Without Eric

  1. We are lookin' for a big snowstorm heading our way tomorrow. I'd be completely ok with our activities cancelled so that I can stay in my sweats, and bake cookies all day. We have a generator, so I wouldn't mind the power going off……nice and cozy!! With candles burning…I heart winter!

  2. We're to get a big snowstorm, too. I can't believe the amount of snow we have and it's really not officially winter yet! 🙂 Of course, December in our area of PA, really is winter. We have a generator in the shed, but thankfully I didn't have to drag it out by myself. I can't imagine. lol

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