Weekend In Review

Saturday morning I decided to cook up our tiny little eggs
for the family!

Isn’t it so cute?? 🙂
As cute as a tiny egg can be anyway. lol

Scrambled eggs on a Saturday morning!

And amazingly, they tasted like eggs!! 🙂

Grace LOVES having a little Christmas tree in her room.
We’ve done this for several years now and looks
forward going to sleep with the lights on each night.
Now to dig out the boys lights!

We went to the Pittsburgh Mills Mall on Saturday.
So many crazy pictures could have been taken,
but I did refrain myself.
The mall cop is one I really wanted to take a snapshot of, but
I didn’t. He was totally “Paul Blart.”
I took a picture of Grace’s crazy static hair instead.

Ding-dong Biscuit got out of the coop yesterday
while I was trying to get some chicken off the top of
the door (crazy birds) and haul a bag of pine
shavings all at the same time.
He stood under the coop for a long time because
I didn’t want to try to catch him.

Here are the others inside the coop.

Obviously waiting for his return.

Here are the chicks!
They are getting quite big!
I’m going to wait a while longer to introduce the older
2 to the rest of the flock (like when 3
of our roosters are gone). It would
just be ugly otherwise.
Have I mentioned that I am not a fan of roosters?
They are vulgar beasts.
It was a nice and relaxing weekend.
We tried to get some Christmas shopping done, but
the stuff we want is nowhere to be found at this point.
The kids and I went to church yesterday. Eric seems to be
battling some head-cold. After church I had to
stop at a couple stores. Walmart is awful this
time of year!! I also had to get the chicks feed.
They eat a lot.
And pine shavings.
They “make messes” a lot.

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