Scripture & a Snapshot

While watching it snow the other day,
this Scripture came to mind!
We are doing a daily
Bible reading and sometimes a craft or
project during Advent this year.
(it’s a first for us!)
We love it!
Jesus was born and we celebrate His birthday
December 25th each year.
He was born so that He could die to save
us from our sins.

I’m linking up with Katie this week.


12 thoughts on “Scripture & a Snapshot

  1. That's a lovely composition – I never even thought of that verse this week considering we've been snowed in at times. What a wonderful illustration your photo gives to the grace the Lord gives to each of us.

  2. The more I hear this verse, the more in awe of it I become! I think of covering over something as simple as red paint with white paint and how almost impossible that seems! And in an instant, our sins were wiped clean!

  3. Isn't it funny how a simply beautiful scene can be God speaking directly to us. Fantastic. I wish you much fun with your daily readings and some crafts – a great combo to keep their attention.

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