12 Years Ago

Exchanging vows.
Indeed the most important part of the ceremony!

You may kiss the bride – almost.
This was as close to a first kiss as a married couple goes.

Pronounced Man and Wife here. 🙂

Us and our Grandfathers, who has since passed.

I love this picture of us. ❤

My sister and brother stood for us.

A kissing picture – my absolute favorite!

On our honeymoon in Gettysburg.
It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend.
Warm, sunny and just wonderful! 🙂

Ah yes, hugging Abe. 🙂
It’s really hard to believe that 12 years have passed since we got married. I know many people have a lot of problems in their marriage and while we have our moments, I have to say we have a very good marriage.
Eric is my BEST friend! We love to do everything together – mostly! 🙂 He does like to play the xbox and I do not, but I like to tinker around online and he doesn’t. So we pursue our interests at the same time. 🙂
Aside from that, we love to do everything else together! We talk about everything and share everything. Pretty laid back people, that’s what we are. We make each other laugh and sometimes make each other crazy, but we enjoy the life God blessed us with 12 years ago today!
I love you, Eric.
I love you so much!

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