Our FIRST Egg!!

I went in to check on Eisenhower this morning
and I saw this sitting on the floor near their feed trough!
Wow, I am SO excited I can hardly contain myself!

The egg on the right is from one of our hens.
The egg on the left is from my nephew’s hen.
*update on Eisenhower. Her toe quit bleeding, but she was a sticky bloody mess from last night, so Grace helped me out and we cleaned up the poor girl. While we didn’t put her in the sink to bathe her, we did hold her over the sink and scrubbed her belly, then her head. She’s presently in a box in the basement drying her feathers and eating food and drinking water. I think she’ll be fine. Poop Shoe and another hen seemed to be watching out for her when I went in this morning (they were all sitting on the perch). I did put a little corn starch on her toe since it did get a little wet.

3 thoughts on “Our FIRST Egg!!

  1. I was quite thrilled to find the first egg, Liz!! Made my day! Deanne, we're pretty good in the chicken department. We have 16 – 4 of which are roosters that I'm pretty much over now – I am thinking chicken dinners soon. Might keep one rooster in case we want to have more chicks some day. We shall see though. They are trying my patience! πŸ™‚

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