Thankful – Day #25/26

Grace coloring with some cousins.

Lining up to eat at the Mason Thanksgiving!

Fun crowd!

After eating we did some crafts.
I made a necklace.
I’ll have to post a picture of it.

My mom’s turkey and stuffing.
I dream about this stuff.
I love it!
She worked hard and we ate until we couldn’t
eat any more!

My son gently wrestled with my nephew
all evening long.
It was funny!

My one neice.
I want to steal her.
She is so adorable and funny.
Just like her aunt (me). 😉

Still at it.
Grace and Ryan are wrestling in the background.

My sister and I.
People used to think we were twins.
I don’t get it.
We hardly look like sisters.
We are 3 years apart
and our brother is in between.
I should’ve got a picture of my brother.
Obviously I did not.

So I guess I officially missed 2 days of Thankfulness. I thought about it last night, but it was late and I was exhausted from our busy day of eating and visiting the families.

So that is the first thing I am thankful for (for the 25th) – very nice day (albeit a rainy day) fellowshipping with family and eating until I was beyond stuffed!
2nd. Today (oh yikes, it is considered yesterday now) I am thankful for the day of resting up (sort of) after such a busy day yesterday. The hubby and I did some Christmas shopping today while the kids played at their cousin’s for a bit. The cousin is here spending the night. It’s very late (12:15) and the boys are still awake. They were in bed before 10:30 this evening, too. Poor things. They are going to be tired tomorrow.
Guess I can add Thankfulness – Day #27.
I am thankful for a LONG weekend! Just yesterday my husband told me that he and the boys will be buck hunting Monday, so no school! Yay! A day to plan and to be lazy (sort of). Maybe I’ll take Grace to see Tangled. 🙂

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