Note to Self

NOTE: When going to feed the chickens, DON’T leave meat on medium high heat and think there’s enough liquid in the pan to prevent burning, especially when you end up visiting in the coop for a lot longer than planned.

I tried to save as much of the sirloin tips
as possible. What a mess!

Isn’t it beautiful?

This is after.
A lot smaller amount of meat, but it should work.

Alas, I had to bust out the beef broth.
Not overly thrilled with its flavor, but
I really had nothing left to do.
I threw in some onions and added sea salt and
ground up peppercorns.
It’s simmering now, so we’ll see how it eventually turns out.
Will add vegetables and dumplin’s later.
The thing to be thankful for in all this is that
the house didn’t burn down and I could actually
use some of the meat for the stew!

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