Thankful – Day #22

This week we’re having a “fun week” of school and I am looking forward to it! This morning I’ve been looking up activities and crafts and am thankful for all the free things out there on the internet that make homeschooling more fun!

The kids watched THIS last year and will probably enjoy watching it again!
Grace’s “God’s World News” magazine has 6 pages of “Do’s and Don’ts – Learning from the Pilgrims and Indians” and we’ll go through those. G.W.N. web site also has some printable things and I made a couple copies of a biography of John Deere and Martin Rinkart (he wrote “A Hymn of Thanks”).
Another homeschool blog (I can’t remember exactly which one now) I read had a link to THIS site. The Baldwin Project has classic stories brought to life online and I’m thinking we’ll take turns reading from these books.
I love DLTK’s site and there are a lot of printables to enjoy! I’m planning on printing shortly. 🙂
I JUST found this site and it keeps Christ the focus of Thanksgiving. Also has a printable page when the first Thanksgiving was declared and coloring pictures and activities.
So yes, I am thankful for the Internet today! Have a wonderful day!

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