Weekly Wrap-Up

Wow, week 12 is DONE! It wasn’t an overly exciting week really, except for the co-op class day.

We listened to our daily devotions/Bible study on CBH (still no printer ink, but fixing that problem tomorrow) and a couple days I read “Lessons from Nature for Youth.”
Math was mostly good this week. Nathan gets to a point where he doesn’t pay attention and today he missed quite a bit on his test. Ryan did pretty good this week, as did Grace. Everyone finished this week with their Math tests and everyone is well ahead of schedule. I think Nathan might be a tad burned out. He’s been working on column addition for several lessons now (I think he finished up 21). Ryan finished lesson 16 and Grace finished lesson 17. They did well this week!
The boys did 1 page of Grammar each day (except Tuesday). I don’t know if they are getting it all, but today was a pretty good day!
Spelling. This week we worked on our words. Read over lists, made sentences. Nathan added prefixes and suffixes to his words. He loves to do that and see how many words he can make. I’m glad he’s like me that way! 🙂 Today was test day. The boys did well, but Grace needs a little more work on her list. I think we’ll just read over her lists next week and have some fun with her words.
Science. We finished Investigation number 5. I can’t remember what the title of the lesson was, but it was about air pressure.
We read some stories in our God’s World News magazines and discuss the happenings at home and abroad.
The kids also read each day for 15-20 minutes and do their Cap Jax Math Facts.
It was a good week! Next week we are having a “fun week” of school. I have to plan it out, but I have ideas that need organized and put on paper. The week will involve some baking fun, some games fun, some Thanksgiving history fun and maybe just some practice in a few trouble areas.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving week!!

One thought on “Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. I like the weeks that are seemingly “unexciting” – it's those weeks that I feel like we have accomplished some good academics and made real progress. Thanks for commenting on my weekly wrap-up, too. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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