Co-op Class

I am slow with these pictures, but these are from Tuesday’s co-op class. Lots of children and families are in our group! Everyone is arriving in the first couple pictures.

Here the kids are getting ready for their puppet show.
Ryan had been nervous about this for days
and I couldn’t figure out what his problem was!

Here are the other children waiting to watch the show!

This was just after the show started.

Which I unfortunately missed with my video, but
I did get a little over 6 minutes recorded.

After the show was over they took a bow.
That I believe is on video.
I don’t know how to upload my own videos
to my blogs!

Silly girl! šŸ™‚
Though Ryan was humored.

Ryan’s apple turkey.
Or is it Turkey Apple?

Grace was working on hers.
See her look of concentration? šŸ™‚

Nathan and his turkey.

Everyone was getting ready to eat and Mrs. Ledford
was reading a story at this time.
It was a fun day at the co-op class!

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