Thankful – Day #16

I’m thankful for tea time with my daughter! We had a scone and an oatmeal/craisin cookie to go along with our tea. I’ll post the recipe I used for the scone later. Very flaky and tasty!

Pardon my un-made up face.
Grace’s little smile is so cute!

Muah! I love that girl so much!

We talked about talking with God through prayer
and also how God made each of us special and perfect just
the way we are.
Growing up I remember hating certain features
that I have, but I learned that I look just the way God
wants me to look. He doesn’t make mistakes
and made me just the way I am!
This is a message I want Grace to learn while she’s
young. She is special and perfect in God’s eyes!
Psalm 139:14 says,
“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully
and wonderfully made: marvellous
are thy works; and that my
soul knoweth right well.”

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