Thankful – Day #13/14

I missed writing what I was thankful for yesterday because I was pretty busy all day. We dug a trench from the house to the chicken coop and laid wire. While all 3 children helped for a bit, Grace helped far longer than she was required. I’m thankful for all the tough work she did yesterday. She and I filled most of the trench back up! In other news, she lost her first top tooth. The 2nd is soon to follow! I love the toothless grins of 6 year olds!

Grace is holding “Poop Shoe.” Yesterday our roosters were rather feisty with each other. Interesting times ahead!
Today I am thankful for a day of rest. God rested on day 7, so I am, too! This past week was so busy and productive and fun that I am looking forward to today. Now off to make some pumpkin spice pancakes! 🙂

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