Thankful – Day #12

These are our 6 new young chicks. A little dirty and smelly, but cute. The kids LOVE them already! There are 2 older ones that are in the coop. We sectioned off a section. I felt bad putting these tiny ones in there last night and worried the big 8 would do something bad to the 2 new ones. I’m going to let them get to know each other a little before letting them mix.

Our chicken count is 16. 12 hens and 4 roosters. I couldn’t get rid of the roosters. They are my social birds. They always run to me when they think I’m going to feed them (even if I don’t feed them anything) and always “talk” to me. The hens are kind silly. They always run like the sky is falling. Sometimes they’ll come near, but are usually too afraid. I’m looking forward to them laying eggs in a few weeks! We should probably build a nesting box 🙂
I’m thankful for chickens and looking forward to eating lots of eggs!

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