Thankful – Day #11

Today I am thankful for all those that have served this country. They sacrificed much! My grandfather and a few of his brothers were in the service during World War II. In the above picture is my grandfather on the left, my great-grandmother, and his brother Howie (Merchant Marine). They had another brother that served in the Army. My husband’s Grandfather served in WWII also. While my Grandfather was serving in Hawaii (in and out of there really), Eric’s Grandfather was serving in and around Italy (I don’t remember the exact location). Eric’s uncles both served – I want to say both Army, but I’m not positive. My cousin Mike served in the Navy. My cousin Joe is currently serving in the Army and nephew Shawn is serving in the Air Force (Air National Guard – I always get confused).

There are others, I’m sure, but I can’t think of them at the moment, but I am grateful for each one of them! God Bless You, Veterans!

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