Field Trip!

Camp Lutherlyn

They had a nice welcome sign for our homeschool group!

Many different kinds of animals were in this room.

All interested in the porcupine.

Waiting outside before we divided into groups.
It was a rather cold morning!

Grace learned what a food chain was today.

We got to look in the water to find some bugs.
We found 2 bugs.

This is all I saw of the boys on this field trip.
They were hanging out with Dawn and Steven.
They learned survival skills and the boys
really enjoyed that!

Grace impressed me today by reading the clues
on the cards!
I am thankful for this!
She has been hesitant in reading, but
today she was doing it!

I just liked this sign.

Of course I had to take a picture of this.

“Hey woodchuck . . .Quit chucking my wood!”

Playing games outside.

All in all it was a fun field trip! Grace was a little fussy from time to time (wanting to go home), but she hasn’t been feeling the best. Runny nose and all today. Poor thing!
The creek time was COLD! It was the first thing we did on this trip and brr! Then we went inside and talked about animals and got warmed up. After that, we went out and the kids played games. At first, Grace didn’t want to do it, but decided it might be fun. Thankfully it warmed up when we went outside again!
The weather was just BEAUTIFUL today and tomorrow is to be another beautiful day, so we’re taking the opportunity and going to the Zoo! We’ll do a scavenger hunt and call it a school day. I have no desire to sit in the house on these beautiful days and I think it’ll do the kids good to do something different.

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