Thankful – Day #9

This is what my children are doing this morning. They have their legos out and are playing nicely with each other! They are creative kids when it comes to building with these things.

This is some kind of tower that fell over. I think lego zombies did it or something like that.
Ryan made this robot here. Um, I forget what he called it. It’s in the Star Wars movies.
A dragon and some “gems” and general destruction. They have vivid imaginations! 🙂
Nathan told me this is some kind of home/food storage facility. I can’t remember why it’s a food storage facility, but what an interesting idea!

Grace loves these things. I think it’s because they are pretty and shaped kind of like gems. She loves big, shiney gaudy looking jewels, etc.
Yes, Ahsoka on a horse. Grace loves to play with this lego character because it’s a girl (of some sort). 🙂 She also loves horses, so Ahsoka on a horse is even better!
Today I’m thankful for Legos and how much joy and the many hours of enjoyment my children have playing with them.

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