What a Week!

The Hissers LOVE spinach.
Just LOVE it!

I’ve been obsessed with saving the pieces of soap
that don’t get used up with the intention of re-using them.

Yesterday, while “spring” cleaning my kitchen,
I decided to melt the soap pieces and put it
in these soap holders.
They are done today, but I am not sure how they’ll be.
Guess time will tell.

This morning we were looking out the back window
and the kids were very concerned about this doe.
Notice her left front let. It’s kind of short
and it looks like it was either injured or
maybe it was a birth defect.
She has a young one that hangs around with her.
They seem to get along just fine,
but the concern my children had for her just melted my heart.

Our back yard has been quite busy this week.
We’ve had all kinds of visitors!
There were 4 turkey taking a stroll through our yard.
So now I’m sitting in bed relaxing. The children have been sick
and I am not feeling the greatest right now.
Aches, throat on the verge of being sore (it feels raspy),
and exhaustion.
The weekend has never looked so good!
Oh and I almost forgot!
We’re going to get 8 more hens!
They are younger than the ones we have right now.
It’ll give us a dozen hens and I decided to keep
all the roosters. They are really nice (at least
at this point in time)! They always run to me and
I like to pretend that it’s not for the food I bring.
2 Leghorns and 6 Leghorn/Buff Orpington mixed.
Will post what I’m thankful for over the weekend!
*most of my pictures this week have been taken through my windows.
That’s why they are blurry.

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