Co-op Today

I didn’t get pictures of the actual classes today, but they had a good time in their classes. The older kids are working on their scenery for their puppet show.
The younger ones made a horn book (which I should get a picture of Grace’s) and listened to a story about kids in Colonial American schools.

Game time was a blast to watch!
The first game was called “Poop Deck.”
The idea of the game is to run to the part of the ship
that Mr. Jeremy calls out and not be last or over-run the spot.
Everyone starts out on the poop deck of the ship.

“Poop Deck” was quite a hit.
Mr. Jeremy knows how to run a good game!
It was very entertaining for us moms to watch, too!

This was a game the kids had to pretend they were sleeping.
If one of the kids made the other laugh they were able
to try waking others.

I just missed the cutest picture of these 2 tickling each other.
Are they not the cutest??

Mr. Jeremy and the kids were making up stories here.
It was fun to listen to and to watch the kids
as they got to make up part of the story.
The difference between the girl’s and boy’s parts of the
story were quite amazing.

The kids were totally enjoying this!
Have I mentioned that I love the co-op class? 🙂

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