Girl’s Day Out/Boy’s Day Out

The boys were getting ready for their small game hunt today.

Grace found a jacket that fits and had to try it on with
a hat – notice her flowery jammies!

The guns the boys used today.
They didn’t get anything, but Nathan and Ryan
did take a shot at a couple squirrels.
No hits.
Grace and I went to town today.
Went to Kohl’s. I must be super cheap, because
I didn’t see any good deals and nothing
really caught my eye.
After Kohl’s we went to 5 Below.
Got some nail polish, candy and Grace bought
herself one of those balls you fill with air and
bounce around on. She LOVES it!
We also went to Michael’s because
I wanted to see if I could find some paraffin wax.
I found wax, but it wasn’t very cheap. Figured I could
look elsewhere.
Grace and I went to Pet’s Mart to look at animals, too.
Honestly, I’m not thrilled with the place.
Of course I don’t have pets, so that could be some of my
problem with the place.
They do have cute ferrets.
For dinner, Grace and I went to Wendy’s.
It was the Wendy’s I worked at before I got married.
Lots of memories! That place has changed a lot.
It was a fun place to have dinner with Grace!
We were by a window and she wanted to play a game.
She’d call red cars/trucks.
I’d call blue/black cars/trucks.
She won her game, of course! 🙂
Stopped at Sam’s for gas on the way home.
When we got home, the boys were already home.
All lounging on the couch.
I wish I had pictures of Grace and I’s day out.
I didn’t bring the camera though – surprising, isn’t it?
Maybe on another girl’s day out I’ll have the camera.
Chicken update . . . they stayed in their coop all day.
I have to say they are funny!
I fed them and changed their water this evening.
They all stood on the platform watching me and clucking at me.
I went back later to check on them.
One little rooster was still on the platform.
All by himself.
Of course I HAD to help him to the roost.
Wonder if he’ll ever be able to fly up there?
So anyway, that was our day today.
Wasn’t overly thrilling, but it was enjoyable!

2 thoughts on “Girl’s Day Out/Boy’s Day Out

  1. You take great pictures, Emily!

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog and letting me know you're here. Your kids are beautiful.

    I'll try to vivsit you here again 'cause I know you'll take great pictures over the holidays. And since I won't be publishing on my own blog, I'll have time to visit….

  2. Terry! Thanks for stopping by my blog! So glad you'll be back, too. I'll definitely be taking pictures over the holidays, lots of them.

    Reading your blog is one of the highlights of my week! 🙂 I love how you just say it like it is, even if it does make people angry. God bless!

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