Weekend In Review

1. Friday evening I thought about going grocery shopping,
but I decided to take the kids to Fun Fest at a local church.
They had such a great time there!
2 out of 3 kids went.
Nathan, my not very social child, had a great time!
He even made a couple friends!
Grace is almost always social and had fun.
Ryan stayed home to have some dad time.
I think he needed it.

2. Saturday I grocery shopped and put everything away.
While I was gone, Eric and the kids finished the winter
yard work. The last thing is the riding mower.
We’re waiting a little longer before we put that away.
We have a lot of mulching to do.
Anyway, the above picture Grace took.
She wanted to get a picture of Ryan driving the quad
all by himself.

3. Dad decided to hitch a ride.
4. Again, I don’t know what is up with the underlining!

5. Nathan had his turn. He was more apprehensive
about driving than Ryan was, but at least he did it.
I’ve been pushing him out of his comfort zone
lately. Sometimes we all need that.
At least this isn’t underlined.

6. We have lots of leaves around here!

There are still some leaves on the trees.
These ones are just beautiful!

7. Grace got her turn for a quad ride.
She LOVES to go fast and she makes the
funniest faces while doing so! 🙂

8. The chickens hiding in a bush, as usual.
I think they didn’t know what to think of
the quad speeding around the yard.

9. Nathan lost a tooth on either Friday or Saturday.
So sad that I can’t remember which day and it was just
over this past weekend.

10. This strange little bug was on the couch.
What it is, I have no idea.
We put it outside after my photo shoot.
I had to use flash, and none of the pictures were
really that good. That little thing moved constantly.
11. I actually laid in bed for a while yesterday afternoon.
That is something I rarely do, but it was nice.
This nagging headache is just getting to me.
Woke up today – day 5 – with it. 😦
It’s not a horrible, pounding headache, but
even the dull aches get to a person after so many days.
for dinner on Saturday and Sunday (#26 on my monthly menu).
Saturday I cooked it as the recipe said to do.
Yesterday I cooked it in the Crockpot.
It was so tender that way and Eric liked it much better that way!
I agree with Eric. 🙂
Have yet to decide what I’m making tonight.
13. After my nap, I planned school for the week.
It seems like it’ll be a good week of school!
We don’t go anywhere on Tuesday – the first in a long while.
Tuesdays are our co-op class or field trip day.
14. That about sums up the weekend.
Very busy, but much was done.
15. I forgot about church yesterday morning!
Pastor’s been doing a study on end times
and it has been so good! I love that study!
I did a paper in my senior year of high school on
the end times. It’s exciting to see how God’s Word
the present day news and His ultimate
plan are being fulfilled. We do live in exciting
times! I personally get too focused
on the every day and don’t keep in mind
that this world is not my home.
16. I felt like doing some crafting this weekend, but
ran out of time. Maybe some time this week!
I’ve had an urge to do something creative with
my hands. I’m only lacking pretty fall paper.
Might have to make a trip to Michaels to
see what they have there.
Well, it’s past time to wake the children, so I better get going.
Have a blessed week!

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