Co-op Class

We learned about a timeline today
and focused on Colonial America.
It was very informative.
I think we moms asked more questions
than the children.

Mr. Stauffer talking about Colonial times.

The kids got to touch an animal hide.
This was an elk.

She was just adorable sitting there holding her
corn husk doll, so I had to take a picture.

Looking at the PA lines.
Mr. Stauffer was showing the
latitude and longitude lines on the map,
among other things.
The pictures below is what happened first.
I got the pics out of order, obviously. 🙂

Liz’s corn husk doll creation!

A few girls getting ready to make their dolls.

Some of the boys waiting to make theirs.

I had to put this here.
Grace was either asking or answering a question.
Not sure. 🙂
I just like a picture of her with her hand in the air.

The older class.
I only managed to get a couple pictures here.
They practiced their puppet show today
and I helped Liz with the younger children.
These have been fun classes and again,
I appreciate Liz and Jen’s hard work
for each of the classes!

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