Weekend In Review

1. We have the chicks living in their new home.
It still needs work, but they are living there!
Above Ryan’s head you can see the roost.
The hens like using it, surprisingly.
It seems high to me. 🙂

2. The door and ramp my husband worked on this weekend.
Didn’t he do a wonderful job??
It has been tricky getting the chicks to use it, but
they all went in it last night.
It will probably take them another night or 2 to get
adjusted to going in there instead of their old home.
Their old home is now stuffed with anything
I could put in there to survive the winter.
I love storage space!

It’s an awesome door!

The platform and food below it.
We may add a nesting box somewhere on there.
We’re definitely getting new water and food containers
before winter!

Inside the coop looking out the chicken door.

3. We had a late birthday party for Ryan.
Poor boy wasn’t feeling well on his birthday.
Yesterday was the best day for his party.
He’s 9, but I keep telling him he’s 7.
We go backwards from here on out. 🙂

It was a small party.
Grandparents from both sides
and a couple friends who came on a last
minute invite!

Everyone is eating cake my mom made and brought
for the occasion!
Thank you, Mom! 🙂

4. My secret sister, from church, gave me this BEAUTIFUL
necklace and a really nice note! She has done excellent in
her gifts and I want her to know I have appreciated every one of them!
I’m thinking she made this one . . but I could be
wrong. No matter though, I LOVE it!

It’s SO beautiful!
5. We went to church yesterday, all 5 of us! Eric hasn’t been going lately
since he has been working so hard on that coop.
He doesn’t have many daylight hours when he comes
home from work, so it’s the weekend he needs.
Saturday after working out in the coop/yard
all day, we went out for dinner! Yum!
I love when I don’t have to cook!
6. Thankfully the dizziness of the other evening passed!
7. Since we partied last night I’ve let the kids sleep in a bit
this morning. I need to get off here and get them going.
Chores and school, etc.
8. I LOVE my children SO VERY MUCH!
9. I LOVE my husband SO VERY MUCH!
10. They don’t know just how much I love them, but
I try showing them each day.
GOD is good!
God IS good!
God is GOOD!
*On a side note, I will be posting less this week. My children have to be off their video games and tv time this week. We have some work planned ahead (reading practicing and attitude adjusting) to do this week. I’ll be on in the mornings before school and in the evenings after the kids are in bed, but only for a little bit. I need to be an example to them.

3 thoughts on “Weekend In Review

  1. that is SOME coop! so luxurious!! love the necklace – it's very beautiful! i love the “secret sister” idea!!! how does it work?
    nice post – very uplifting. 🙂

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