Weekly Wrap-Up

Today we finished week 7! It was a pretty good week of school.
For Bible Class, we finished up our study on Virtue and next week we’ll be taking a break from Wisdom’s House for Kidz and will continue listening to Children’s Bible Hour’s Keys for Kids online and we’ll read some Lessons from Nature for Youth for a change up. The kids really enjoy both of these!
Monday and Wednesday the kids did extra in their Math, so we skipped Math yesterday (in honor of Ryan’s birthday). They did a good job today!
Grammar . . . sometimes I pull my hair out regarding this subject. I need to find some “fun” ideas to go along with our Easy Grammar pages. How do you make English Grammar FUN?? Yes, it’s a serious question! Any tips would be great! Thanks!
Spelling . . . we reviewed phonograms a lot and they’re taking next week to work on writing sentences and reading with the word lists they already have finished. Grace is practice reading her words so she can read them smoother and faster and we’ll work on writing some sentences.
Science. . .we started Forces & Motion in the Investigate the Possibilities series. We did Investigation #1 this week. Some of this stuff is DEEP for their ages, but we did talk about how to measure the speed of an object. They were impressed with my math skills. lol 🙂
Social Studies/History . . . we didn’t work on our PA State History Notebook this week. I think we’ll work on a question or 2 some time next week. We’ve been reading our way through the God’s World New’s magazines and really enjoy those!
Music . . . we did pages 5 and 6 today in our music books. Learning about whole notes and the staff.
Tuesday was our field trip to Succop Conservancy and we all LOVED that!
Ryan was a little sick yesterday, so we’re going to have his birthday party tomorrow, hopefully. I figured he’d need a day to rest up and I wanted to make sure he is better before we have people over for his party.

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