Fall Pictures

She is a harmless Orb Weaver.
I mentioned her a couple posts ago, I do believe.
She’s still living in a jar in our kitchen, but she doesn’t move much.
This isn’t really a fall picture, but I think it’s cool! 🙂

This hornet was stuck in the window of the chicken coop.
I was painting in the chicken coop and didn’t want to share
that space with this one.
Hornets are mean and do bite (keep that in mind Ang). 😉
So I finally got this one and there isn’t much life left in him at this point.
But it did make a cool picture.

Our neighbor’s farmland.
And powerlines that run through it.
I don’t have a fancy program that will erase them.

A little blurry because I was driving (slowly)
and snapping a picture out my window.

I was checking the mail yesterday and I just
loved how this part of the road looked.
Fall is a beautiful time of year!

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