Let’s see, it’s 8am and the kids are just getting up and starting their day. I, unfortunately, slept in because I forgot to turn my alarm on after I reset it this morning. Oops!

Also, there was no coffee when I came down. Here I forgot to put water in the coffee pot last night so it would come on automatically this morning. The husband turned off the pot when he left for work this morning.
Hopefully the rest of the day goes better! I’ve had my devotions and have some quiet, praying time.
I’m having the kids do a little extra schoolwork today. Tomorrow is our field trip to Succop Conservancy and I’m pretty excited about it! Don’t know if the kids are as excited as I am. It’ll be neat to see how things were done in Colonial times! I will take lots of pictures. I always do. 🙂
The boys will be learning their prepositions using the song tune “Mine eyes have seen the glory . . .” Should be fun since they hate singing.
Today I’m taking a different approach to spelling with Grace. She seemed to have run into a wall last week. We’re doing the same spelling list from last week, but I’m going to divide it up and work on 10 words at the beginning of the week and 10 words near the end of the week. We’re really going to take some time and practice reading words she has had already and just enjoy things more. I think maybe she was feeling pressured doing spelling with Ryan.
Well, off to start the day! Have a great day all!

5 thoughts on “Monday!

  1. Spelling is a struggle here, too. What I am discovering is that Bip can verbally spell them, but has difficulty writing them. We slowed down our spelling a bit from the ABeka list. They were very difficult for her and she just wasn't getting them. Good luck to you and have fun on your field trip. Can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Hi Robin! Yes, spelling/reading is a struggle for 2 of my kids. My middle son has a very hard time, as well. My daughter just needs some alone time and I think she'll be ok. Thanks! Oh and I still have trouble getting into your new site!

  3. emily – i rarely, if ever, do all 20 words in one day. i usually splite the list up between days during the week, then we mark all the words, make an original sentence and that's it. one thing per day. i learned through lots of fights last year, that we only really need to focus on spelling for no more than 20 minutes a day. if we're only halfway through a lesson, and they're eyes are glaxing over, it's time to quit for the day. works for math, too, and it's literally changed the atmosphere of our homeschool!

  4. Liz, SWR is definitely a learning process! I will probably try splitting it up next week with Ryan, too. Grace did great with alone time and less words today. I think she is nervous with the boys around since they are older.

    I'm still learning so much this school year. Totally different than what we've done in years past. I'll totally take your advice! 🙂

  5. every year is a learning process for me as well. i keep telling the boys that i'm learning along with them (i'm learning how they learn, which is a fun journey to take with your own kids!). i do sawyer and rowan separately for the phonogram practice and the spelling lists since they are on different levels. adam has picked up all the sounds of the single letter phonograms just from being in the room with us. dont' worry – the time gets easier, and although SWR is a hefty curriculum, i believe in it enough to keep learning how it works. i've seen great progress in my boys' reading and spelling just in the past year. 🙂 hang in there!

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