Weekly Wrap-Up

This past week has been a pretty good one, with a few occasions of minor frustrations on my part or on the part of at least one of the kids.

Everyone enjoys our Bible Class most days. Today was fun because we did a maze and it was to lead Caleb to the Promised Land and they had to find the word “Virtue” in water. Today’s memory verse is Matthew 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”
Today we went over the one page in the “1777 New England Primer” (which I got from wallbuilders.com and was surprised at how tiny it is) that had questions like “Who was the first man?” “Who was the first woman?” They really enjoyed these questions even if they didn’t know all the answers to all the questions! Today I ordered the one from BHI. They’ve also enjoyed “Lessons from Nature for Youth.”
Math has been moving along. Grace is moving slowly right now in her Alpha book. She’s learning her +9’s right now. Slow is good until she gets it. Not sure if she totally understands solving for the unknown at this point either. She’s doing ok though! Still several weeks ahead! Ryan is moving along slowly as well, but he is still ahead. It just takes him SOOO long to get moving. He needs a prod or something. 🙂 Nathan is flying though. He finished section 11 today. He loves it – mostly because it’s easy for him. It’s good that it’s easy so he can learn how things are explained and enjoy it!
Grammar has had quite a week. Well, not really Grammar, but the boys and their Grammar. 🙂
Ryan didn’t do well on his test today, so we’ll be spending the next week doing other activities that make him think about subjects, verbs and prepositions. Nathan will do the review as well, but will continue on in his book.
Spelling went well for the boys. Grace seems to have hit a wall and had a rather large meltdown today. Don’t know where she gets this idea that she is dumb, but I keep telling her she is VERY smart and CAN read. I have to get to the bottom of that one because it makes me sad that she thinks that of herself. It’s just not true or right. Ryan got all the words right on his test – woo hoo! I had to remind him of a few rules as he wrote words, but it would click and he’d finish the words properly. Nathan missed a few words on his test today so we worked on them until he could spell them back to me perfectly and I reviewed a few other words he missed in the past.
Science was good this week. We took a break from our experiments this week and just learned about bugs. The kids got the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, so Monday and Wednesday we learned about them and today we did some other bug related studies (bug word search and coloring pictures) I picked up at the Insect Fair.
Our God’s World News magazine filled in the State History spot this week. The kids enjoy reading/hearing the stories and articles in that magazine! There’s so much in them that we can stretch them out for almost a month. Plus there are online activities that can be used to supplement. We’ll continue working on our State History scrapbook through the year.
Oh yeah, and our co-op class this past Tuesday! 🙂
I kinda forgot about Children’s Bible Hour‘s web site and was reminded of it by my friend Robin at Adventures of Arbor Creek . The last 2 mornings we’ve been listening to Uncle Charlie read the devotional from there and they have enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for the reminder, Robin!
All in all it has been a good week. I am praising God for that and looking forward to a weekend of sunshine and hopefully a little fun (when we’re not working on that chicken coop)!

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