Beautiful Fall Day!

We have been in such a cold, rainy, nasty weather snap . . . until today! While I haven’t been outside all day, I have enjoyed going outside numerous times and just standing in the sun for a bit. I’ll be doing some coop work this weekend and probably some winter yard preparations. Should be a wonderful weekend! Yay!

The kids are visiting their cousin and have been there since about 1:30 0r so today. Sooo, that means I’ve been home and feeling like doing something fun for me . .. baking! YUM! I love apple pie and snickerdoodles!
I also bought Subway for dinner and it was good. No dinner cooking. Yay! 🙂
The only thing puzzling me is the chickens. They’ve been fighting and fighting. Don’t know if one of the hens is trying to establish that she’s the lead hen or what the deal is with them.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Fall Day!

  1. that pie is lovely, emily!!! and i'm a huge snickerdoodles fan as well. but i seem to be the only one in the house who eats them, so i can't justify making them. they've become a treat for me. 🙂

  2. Robin, the “me” time was wonderful! 🙂 I ate one of the tiny pies which got a little burned on top for some reason. They were good!

    Liz, the kids recommended that I make the snickerdoodles and I love to eat them, too! 🙂 The thing about pie making that I love most is the crust. I love getting the crust just perfect – it's a fun challenge!

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